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        Enterprise Europe Network

        The Enterprise Europe Network helps European businesses innovate and grow internationally.
        The Network is?active in more than 60?countries worldwide. It brings together 3,000 experts from more than 600?member organizations.
        Do you want to innovate? Do you want to grow internationally?

        The Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ experts?provide :

        – advisory support and services for international growth and for facing the challenges of the Single market
        – helps to find business partners
        – and gives support for business innovation

        The Brussels companies can reach the Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ experts at hub.brussels and at the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels.

        Access to the Partnership Opportunities Database – Your benefits
        • It contains thousands of business, technology and research cooperation requests and offers from companies.
        • The database is accessible for free.
        • With the support of your Enterprise Europe Network Brussels expert, you can disseminate a company profile with the description of your activity and your cooperation offer/request.
        • You can also subscribe to receive alerts on new requests and offers.

        Latest Activity View all news

        Stakeholder consultation on the transition pathway for the energy-intensive industries ecosystem

        The update of the EU Industrial Strategy highlights the need to accelerate the green and digital transition of EU industry and its ecosystems. It proposes co-creation with industry, public authorities, social partners and other stakeholders. To initiate the co-creation process, the Commission prepared a staff working document outlining possible scenarios for a transition pathway toward […]

        Implementation and enforcement of EU trade agreements have added €5.4 billion to EU exports in 2020

        EU preferential trade in 2020 Among the 67 trading partners, Switzerland remained the EU’s top trading partner, with 21.5% of trade, followed by Turkey (11.3%), Japan (9.4%), Norway (7.8%) and South Korea (7.7%). Together, these five partners accounted for more than half of EU preferential trade (57.7%). In terms of overall trade, Switzerland is the […]

        Open Call to create a new EIT KIC Culture & Creativity

        The EIT launched on 26 October a new call to create a new sustainable innovation partnership to strengthen Culture & Creativity in Europe

        Events View all events

        15-15.11.21 – MEDICA 2021 Healthcare Brokerage Event

        15 November, 2021
        MEDICA international fair will be held in Düsseldorf from 15 to 18 November 2021.

        15-18.11.2021 – Torino Fashion Match

        15 November, 2021
        The next Torino Fashion Match offers online business meetings and fashion talks from 15th to 18th November 2021.

        16-18.11.2021: Smart City EEN Brokerage Event, Barcelona / on-line

        16 November, 2021
        Connect with industry leaders and public stakeholders at the 8th edition of the Smart City Brokerage! Smart City 2021 is a combined physical event of?Smart City Expo World Congress?and?Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, with the digital platform of?Tomorrow.City?offering endless opportunities. This event includes also a brokerage event which is organized by?ACCIó, under the auspices of the Enterprise […]

        17.11.2021 – Access2Markets Trade Portal – Exporting from the EU, importing into the EU

        17 November, 2021
        Access2Markets Trade Portal - Exporting from the EU, importing into the EU - all you need to know!

        Disclaimer : The information and views set out in this [report/study/article/publication…] are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of EISMEA, the European Commission or other European Institutions. EISMEA does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this [report/study/article/publication…]. Neither EISMEA, nor the Commission or any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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